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Simon white
Posted on 19 Nov 2010 5:42 pm

I agree with Peter-Concern over immigration has more to do with numbers & housing waiting lists,etc......than race.The race issue is abused all both sides for political gain/loss-it is far more simply:increased waiting times to have an operation,get a house,more competition for a job,etc.Speaking very generalistically-immigrants are assets if they are your:doctor,dentist,bin man,etc or liablities if they get a council house before you or get their operation on the nhs before you,etc.
A simple self seeking princile applies-its not complicated or sinister-it has been this way for thousands of years.Of course there is racism & religious bias,but that cares little wether you were born in the uk or not?
I have had 4 foriegn locum psychiatrists & my main concern is can they speak english well & will I see them again?I liked them all & am pleased they filled the gap in my care providers trust.

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