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Sacred Christian Gillon Household The SCGH
Posted on 23 Mar 2010 9:29 pm

We would like to remind the honourable Michael Moore MP of the reasons given by the UK border agency as reported in the media.

The above mentioned individuals did not supply sufficient evidence for measurement of income to HM customs & excise and neither did they fully show proof of family ties they claim to be from.

In today’s new age of terrorism that could mean anything from (a) I have forgotten to keep tabs on my money and I can’t find my genetic parents to (b) I’m not telling you my vegetable oil sales through a popular scheme is being used to fund their terrorist organisation of Hamas to blow up buses with men, women and children in Israel.

I find it just as suspicious these people could not verify there family tree. If this was me at the bank I would be refused dealings. May I appalled the British Border Agency for their professionalism and sharp practice.

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