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D Preece
Posted on 15 Dec 2009 7:57 pm

Nektus is a company owned by Mr. Badman and his family.

It would be interesting to find out if Mr. Badman will benefit by the proposed changes to home education since he instigated them in his statistically flawed 'review' of home education.

Will his company, Nektus, be flooded with home educating families' money as they are forced by the present government to adopt a curriculum?

Becta is a government-funded agency which encourages school-home links. Will Becta be involved in 'encouraging' home educating families to use government-approved technology?

In short, should Mr. Badman's connections both to the government and the possibility of making money from home educators cancel out his recommendations about home education?

Nemo judex in causa sua. (No one shall be a judge in his own cause)

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