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Jim Pengelly
Posted on 12 Dec 2009 10:55 pm

Whilst it is correct to draw attention to the extreme difficulty in obtaining information from the Duchy of Cornwall, I feel that this proposed Bill fails to understand, or acknowledge, the true constitutional position of the Duchy of Cornwall and is in danger of perpetuating a great wrong against the Cornish people. The question that should be pursued, and absolute transparency guaranteed, is: "what is the truth about the de jure Cornish constitution?" I would suggest that this is the real reason behind the secrecy and reticence to respond to questions.

There is an alternative view to the Bill's suggestion that, "That estate was originally stolen from the Earls of Cornwall", namely, that Cornwall is, in truth, a Crown Dependency, or Protectorate and the Earldom was augmented into a Duchy as stated within the relevant Acts, Charters and associated documentation. The proposed Bill’s reference specifically to 'estate' echoes the official presentation of the Duchy of Cornwall as a 'private estate'’ having little or nothing to do with the geographical territory of Cornwall, other than in its name. This is a false presentation equally of the title of 'Duchy of Cornwall', its territorial extent, and the Cornish people.

Although this alternative view was clearly argued and evidenced by the legal counsel for the Duchy of Cornwall, in a case of private arbitration between the Crown and Duchy over ownership of the mineral rights to the Cornish Foreshore (1855-1857), subsequent events have seen a deliberate and progressive disassociation of the Duchy of Cornwall from the territory of Cornwall. This has further accelerated a process, which denies the Cornish people being seen within their rightful historical context, as one of the indigenous nations of Britain. This wilful, and high-level destruction of the Cornish nation has now become institutionalised and should be brought out into the open, in order to restore our rights.

In essence, the Duchy of Cornwall is legally, and constitutionally, the territory of Cornwall to which were annexed and united forever various rights and estates, including the civil government of Cornwall!

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