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Richard Wilson
Posted on 23 Oct 2009 2:46 pm

David Tredinnick asserts that the GCC has been bombarded with "spurious" complaints from bloggers about UK chiropractors.

What Tredinnick chooses not to mention here is that many of these bloggers’ complaints related to chiropractors claiming to be able to treat asthma and/or infant colic using spinal manipulation.

In fact, there is no reliable scientific evidence that chiropractic can alleviate these ailments, and this is why, thanks to the extraordinarily effective work of the blogger Simon Perry (, a great many chiropractors have now had to amend their websites to remove any such claims.

David Tredinnick’s assertion that these complaints were ‘spurious’ seems badly undermined by the fact that so many of them have upheld, and addressed.

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