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Elizabeth McDonagh
Posted on 29 Jul 2009 10:37 am

From Day 1 of the Consultation, NHS South Central had a blind belief in fluoridation’s safety and effectiveness against tooth decay. This is evidenced by the public money they spent on flooding the area concerned with costly promotional material to persuade the public to give support to their totally irrational views. Had 51% of the public acquiesced, they would have claimed victory. 72% said ‘NO’ so they had to find the public’s views ‘non-cogent’. They spent more public money in that process.

The 20 studies indicating that fluoride reduces IQ in children were dismissed on the grounds that they had not allowed for confounding factors – but neither had the comparative studies of tooth decay rates on which SCSHA’s entire proposal was based.

SCSHA dismissed as ‘not relevant to Southampton and Hampshire’ the (US) National Research Council’s report “Fluoride in Drinking Water”, a scientific review of toxicologic, epidemiologic and clinical data on fluoride, which confirms that fluoride builds up in the body throughout life; that excessive fluoride adversely affects the teeth, thyroid gland, bones and brain and that some subsets of society are extra-susceptible to fluoride’s adverse effects.

Dr. Elise Bassin PhD, in 2006, published a study showing that osteosarcoma, in teenagers, is seven times more likely to occur if fluoridated water was drunk between the ages of 5 and 8. We are still awaiting publication of the study which South Central SHA indicated would contradict Bassin’s findings. So much for SCSHA’s insistence that the public should back their arguments with impeccable peer-reviewed scientific evidence.

Fluoride is a poison, not a nutrient. With fluoridation, there is no control on the amount of fluoride anyone consumes as people drink different amounts of water and receive fluoride from other sources such as food, drinks, toiletries and prescription medicines. There is no adequate margin of safety to protect vulnerable individuals and groups from overdose. Infants are at particular risk if their formula feed is mixed with fluoridated water.

Campaigners seek the early repeal of the legislation which allows public opinion to be so shamefully disregarded. Prospective Parliamentary Candidates should be questioned as to whether they support mass medication via the water supply. We urgently need a return to democracy, reason, sound science, and above all, ethics. The State should not be allowed to medicate anyone without fully informed consent.

Elizabeth A McDonagh

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