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Sustianbility Yours
Posted on 28 Jul 2009 8:57 am

So consultation on Fluoride means;

1) Don't act democratically
2) Non-health and non-scientist (The SHA Boards) make decisions on potential toxicology and epidemiology issues on our behalf.

Nice touch that, if the majority of the consulted public 'want' fluoridation, and not the real way round, when the majority of the public understand that clean un-molested water is what is wanted, a little ironic that.

When will the SHA understand that all the 'safe and effective' research is faulty, based on a teeth only approach to the study and 1940's corporate science, and not whole body effects, of which all the science points to very real high risks of harm, and first hit, like lead in petrol, are our children.

Fluoride is a poison, not a medicine
Water is for drinking, not for medication

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