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David Hough
Posted on 30 Jun 2009 10:22 pm

Delyth Morgan's response is somewhat surprising. How can she know that there is no impact if there's been no assessment? Even a back-of-the-envelope calculation would show that with less than half of home educated children known to the authorities you'll double the workload if the rest suddenly have to register.

Add in the fact that most of those known don't get inspected every year, double again, factor in an increase in the duration of each inspection visit to cope with the Badman recommendations on welfare and education and you can probably double it again.

So either they'll need at least eight times the existing resources, or the country is currently wasting money on under-employed local authority inspectors who do hardly any work. Given the resources available to local authorities, I doubt if their existing inspectors are under-worked, so the government is woefully underestimating if they believe there will be no impact.

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