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Clare Murton
Posted on 30 Jun 2009 9:06 pm

Responding to Sarah W

Forcing home educated children into school would cost the government 100's of millions of pounds.

They know of 20,000 home ed children - at about £5000 per pupil per year that is 100 million pounds per year. Factor the likelihood that there are *at least* twice as many home ed children and you double that as a minimum.

I am pretty sure govt would much rather keep home ed parents forking out the cash to educate their own children, whilst forcing them to educate them in a manner that suits govt agendas. And don't put it past them to introduce a charge for compulsory home visits - they have done it with ID cards! (and don't imagine for a second that I have just fed them a great idea - Badman and Balls know all about money making in education!)

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