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tania berlow
Posted on 30 Jun 2009 4:46 pm

our Local authority has 164 EHE children and a budget of £18,000 to pay 2 liason visitors and all the administrative work such as paperwork and website.
If a guesstimate of 75% of EHE families are unknown then this budget would have to increase to almost £60,000 and that is for the bare minimum- no training included in this- and training of the EHE liason visitors is crucial as there is not uniform practice throughout the country.

Another thing to consider is that now these liason visitors will be faced with unhappy EHE families who have every right to disagree with this infriegement of civil liberties being forced upon them. Anyone ask them if they want to be in this position and how this may affect tier job satisfaction.And what about their role change into front line safeguarding experts? Ours until recently at least did not even have current CRB checks. What a joke NO impact assessment? another joke?

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