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Posted on 13 Jun 2009 10:25 am

"""""so we have allocated an additional £150 million to primary care trusts between 2009 and 2011 to work with their local authority partners to provide personalised breaks for carers.""""

Several carers have been contacting their own PCTs’ .....

1 . “”””Your request for information has now been considered. However unfortunately we do not hold the information. To date the Trust cannot identify this allocation. Until it has done so, plans for the utilisation of the funding cannot be completed.

I apologise that your request cannot be met but if you have any further information needs in the future then please contact me. ”””””

This was taken from Oxford paper..

2. “”””New figures from The Princess Royal Trust for Carers indicate Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust (PCT) was given a £519,143 slice of a £150m Government pot for carers services for the financial year 2009-2010.
The money was earmarked to pay for respite care — where carers could take a breather knowing the person they cared for was being looked after.

Carers can apply for the funding at their GPs surgeries.

However, the PCT has admitted it has allocated just £250,000 for carers services this year — half the amount it received from the Government.

A carers group, the local MP and a charity have all called for answers as to where the rest of the Government funding has gone.

But on Tuesday, the PCT could not confirm why the two figures were different. “””””””

Some PCTs’ to date have failed to reply to requests for information.

£150m sounds like a lot of money.The govt are ‘seen’ to be helping carers.In reality it is just not happening.

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