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George Davis
Posted on 31 Mar 2009 5:24 pm

My husband was killed by a drunk driver a year ago and i received £200,000 in life insurance. I decided to move back to New Zealand, where my family lived but wanted to leave my husbands money in the UK. I couldn't keep my UK bank account as the bank said that it was against its rules to allow an account to be held without a UK address. The bank was helpful and suggested i opened an Isle of Man bank account.

I opened an account with Kaupthing Singer and Freidlander on the isle of man and paid the money in there. Then i heard it had collapsed. I didnt beleive it at first as i had made sure the bank had a high rating with the credit agencies.

To find out the bank collapsed because of the actions of the british government is just terrible. How can the british government do this and then just deny it and not do anything? It is disgusting the way they have ignored the dreadful stories many people have told since they caused the collapse and i hope bad things happen to them. It is a horrible thing to say but these politicians are horrible people.

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