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James Blake
Posted on 30 Mar 2009 11:37 pm

Why is it then, Mr Pearson, that the Liquidators are following Government rules in paying back desperatly needy people such as Dave - Rolling in Millions - Whelan and PLC companies such as Stockcube Plc!??? All this while British families who were forced to use offshore banks by 2007 money laundering legislation are breaking down, children are going hungry, homes repossesed and now lives being lost.

Yet, STILL, the likes of the Honourable Mr. Pearson, Mr Darling and Mr Brown say it has nothing to do with them as it is a matter for the Isle of Man. Wrong, YOU forced non-domiciled British Citizens to use offshore banks and it was YOU who persuaded a triple A rated bank to put its money in a dodgy UK bank and then it was YOU who forced the bank into liquidation with instructions from YOU to the liquidators to not repay the money thousands of lives relied on.

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