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Robert Gasner
Posted on 20 Mar 2009 8:23 pm

Baroness Deech,

Your comments have moved me. It is indeed rare to see a parliamentarian who is not jaded by the threats leveled by the "Barbarians at the gate"

What Israel wants is a sliver of land, to be left in peace, and tpo be able to fix the world under the kingship of god...she has done remarkably well given the stress of being under constant attack. What her enemies and bystanders do not realize is that if Israel were left alone, everyone would benefit science, humanitarian aid, technology, feeding the poor, healing the sick, and making the world a better place for all.

But long as they continue to attack and terrorize, they will be left behind. Make no mistake, the jews and israelis suffer disproportionately to their neighboring will continue to be so until the others learn to co-operate..

I commend you Baroness. There is a very special place in the universe for those who speak truth and who foster peace. You have my utmost admiration

Robert Gasner,
Toronto Canada

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