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Ian Perry
Posted on 14 Mar 2009 1:10 am

I'm sure that Mr Smith won;t reply. I once got a hand written "scrawl" that I think said that he would write to me when he had the time - this was YEARS ago...

But in comments on here, thanks to Anne G, Mr Smith is above average, a rare achievement from him with the exception of his car allowance. I wonder why he wants new roads and if he has ever used a bus?

Clearly Mr Smith has never heard of peak oil, indeed, it appears that he is not computer literate, being one of the few MPs not to have an internet site...

20% of Vale households do not have a car. Why does Mr Smith not care for these people, or does he assume that they will vote Labour whatever?

Mr Smith if he was asked what he thought of "Peak Oil", would probably assume that it was a premium fuel.

14 months until we elect the Tory idiot....

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