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Jax Blunt
Posted on 8 Mar 2009 12:42 am

"Communication is indeed a two-way process, yet many of our citizens have so little interest in communicating with Parliament that they do not even vote. As my noble friend Lord McNally pointed out, in the previous two elections four out of 10 people did not participate in this very simple activity. It seems that they failed to see any relevance to their own lives in the work of these Houses or to make connections with decisions on education, health, tax, housing, the environment or security, on any one of which they would have had a violent opinion, and all of which are issues that affect their everyday lives."

Actually I think that it's because we vote, and it makes no difference. I was part of the majority vote in the last election - 65% of those voting voted against the labour party. So please tell me how come we have a labour government?

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