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James Clark
Posted on 28 Feb 2009 12:26 pm

I wonder, could it be that those 2,000 individuals are so-called British Muslim individuals plotting our downfall and the fulfilment of the rule of Allah in the UK?

And what I wonder if anything is Patrick Mercer doing about that ever growing danger that puts us all in jeopardy.

Perhaps all that data gathering will amount to nothing more then information for some future book about UK terrorists because it seems to me his rhetoric in regard to the impending danger is somewhat relaxed and he’s almost like a child waiting with enthusiasm to see the rockets explode come bonfire night.

This is the patriotic man that was always telling the Government to have the courage to spell out the danger to the people but seemingly appears unwilling to spell out, that the appeasement of bossy intimidating Muslims, like those that mercilessly chased British policemen in London with impunity is entirely unacceptable. Hypocrisy?

I think he knows about the real danger to this country and what is going on but no warning comes to us from his lips perhaps he will emigrate like Tony Blair to some safer abode should he like the Roman, seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood'. Perhaps having accumulated all the data he will one day write a book in that regard.

This is the man that is supposed to be a libertarian and yet not one word have I heard him say in defence of the Dutch MP banned from entering the UK. In defence of that liberty and freedom he was ineffectual.

We can but hope that Mr Mercer will support the Freedom Bill of Chris Huhne to repeal the many attacks on civil liberties and democratic rights suffered by UK citizens. A litmus test of Herr Mercer’s values.

I’m afraid it does seem to me that apart from gathering information like some Johnny 5 craving for "input" , Mr Mercer is little better than a Johnny 5 spectator with political aspirations that avail the people of nought of any real worth.

I think his service to the people of Newark is somewhat poorer than that given by the late Fiona Jones, she worked tirelessly to try to save her constituents’ jobs, she worked hard on behalf of them giving of her own money to provide a better service to them, she was like a breath of fresh air, and I think could have taught Mr Mercer a thing or two about representation, loyalty, tact and diplomacy and regardless of what Mr Mercer said about Fiona, she always knew how to do her job. It’s a great shame I cannot say the same about Patrick Mercer.

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