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Simon white
Posted on 9 Feb 2009 5:34 pm

Why all this rhetoric? The answer is simple....Hamas gets rockets fron Iran,Palestinians train their children from a young age that the only good jew is a dead jew & if they die fighting for Jihad they will go to heaven? Now what is complicated about that...oh sorry-The Truth.
If the IRA were firing rockets from southern Ireland onto northern Ireland & GB every day what would GB do...apart from Sunday bloody sunday?If british citizens lived in bomb shelters or in fear of being shot or blown up by suicide bombers....I am sure the uk would would take miliatary action.Isreal has the right to exist & Hamas must be stupid if they think they can keep firing rockets without there being consequences.The truth is they were given Gaza in exchange for peace & they lied & used it as a missile base.The jews learned only too well from the Nazi's the way to maintain superiority over a larger hostile population-The Iron Glove.
Personally I think they went too far but they do not have the luxury/option of the velvet glove,so as I am not in their shoes I cannot cast the first stone.
What is very obvious is if all the Jews & all the Palestinians accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord & Saviour;then this pointless bloodshed could end overnight........& we all now that is not going to happen....The Holy Bible prophecies that Russia,Iran & China will attack Isreal.
We all know the paralell is not David & Goliath reversed but Jew & Nazi reversed.....I support Isreal but the truth is Hamas is in a ghetto & the only option they have is death & rockets.

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