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alexander prescott
Posted on 9 Oct 2008 2:29 pm

we have a lot of anti social people in the area where i live
west dumbartonshire
on the 5th october they set fire to houses
now the comunity wardens come out and move them on
but they dont have the power to question them take there name or addresses
whats the point of having them
my point is they know they can get away with the things they do
what about the people who want to live a quiet life
seems like we have no rights at all
i have questioned the police as they do nothing
no arrests no court cass
and no convictions
when they set fire to the building across the road from me the gas meter exploded
3 seconds before the fire brigade turnde up
whats its going to take before something is done about this
the police know who the culprits are
nothing been don
if possible could you pass my complaint onto the member for my area and maybe some action taken

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