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barbara richards
Posted on 17 Jul 2008 11:02 am

As I have said, repeatedly, and will go on saying until I get an answer, I would like to know how the government can justify the inclusion in the 2005 Government consultation document Family Justice - the operation of the family court of a syndrome that has not only been rejected by the World Health Organisation but was written by a psychologist who openly and unashamedly defended pedophilia.

I will go on asking this question, be it a million times, until I get an answer. I will go on asking this same question because as long as this Parental Alienation Syndrome is used by the secret family courts children are being put at risk. This syndrome is causing complaints of abuse made by children to be dismissed as the other parent's spiteful maliciousness by their abusers and in this way the children are being forced into visitation with child abusers. This syndrome takes away the voice of the child and leaves them with no-owhere to turn to. Will you stop allowing the gagging of these children? When are the children going to have a voice? You are going to reap the results of this, we all are, in the form of some very angry grown ups who were abused repeatedly as children by people they were forced to visit. It is a ticking time bomb for the whole of our society, and you have the power to prevent it, Bridget Prentice.

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