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Wendy Weaver
Posted on 25 Jun 2008 5:04 pm

As a Pensioner I make the same comment as Mr J H Hall: I cannot make use of my bus pass as the bus stop is too far away from my home so I am paying via my community charge for something I cannot use. I am not old enough for a free TV licence and £50 will no where near go towards the increased cost of gas and electricity. I do get a free sight test every two years.

I find most of Yvette Cooper's remarks an insult to my intelligence. For example, whenever the price of road fuel goes up at source at the pumps the Government get their rake off as a VAT percentage and yet they still plan an increase in October. The Members on either side of the House do not seem to challenge/notice this - a bit like the change of Income Tax rate in the 2007 Budget. Do they not understand these basic principals?

I read that approximately 2,000 UK Pensioners die in each cold snap, either of cold or hunger or both - is this something to be proud of?

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