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Carl Barron
Posted on 21 May 2008 6:45 pm

I don't know why the UK is not using more suitable alternative systems, such as 'Submersible Tunnel Turbines' as Britain is laced with a great many rivers, therefore Submersible Tunnel Turbines could be used to replace Eyesore Wind Turbines.

These could be used in Rivers and in Streams, and the cost is a fraction of alternative systems, also far more reliable than waiting for a Windy Day to gain energy.

They want to place these monster 'Wind Turbine' in Gillingham yet 'The River Stour' wraps its self around the centre of Gillingham hence there is absolutely no reason why you cannot deploy these 'Submersible Tunnel Turbines' which could give Clean Free Energy 24/7. and remain out of sight.

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