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David Dilley
Posted on 2 May 2008 6:48 pm

Interesting. How early were the 'earlier representations at an official level' in London and Kuala Lumpur?

The first knowledge we (fight4thePJM campaigners) have is a copy of a letter from the Malaysian Ministry of Defence dated July 2004 nothwithstanding that the 'official line from the FCO, MoD DS Sec and Cabinet office always refers to February 2005,as the starting point as it were, notwithstanding that the matter of the PJM was first mooted in the House of Lords in December 2004 and answered in January 2005 by Baroness Symonds who rejected the Malaysian Offer outright, so which dates are correct?

It is like asking specifically, how long would a piece of string need to be that would stretch from point A to point B, and being told that earlier tests were undertaken by expert advisers who assured HMG that it was long enough!

Why was a question asked of David Milliband answered by Meg Munn, who in answering previous questions asked by Don Touhig, has shown no ability to fully answer questions which asked specific points, but advised by her civil service advisers, has replied quoting outdated regulations and other strongly contested views put forward to precluse the PJM from being'formally worn', or has stated that of answering such questions would be cost prohibitive.

Mr Milliband, would you please answer in your capacity as the 'Boss'man?

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