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Michael Barton
Posted on 3 Apr 2008 12:27 am

Mr Brown.
We shared something together on Friday last week, the rarified air of Aviemore. As a denizen of the village I knew you were ensconced behind the tank traps and the wooden pailings of Fort MacDonald but being an old man as well as an old soldier I at least expected a sight of your good self on the one and only street we have, as with a recent Royal who opened a Youth Centre. I even had a question for you in my old head, and in my pocket a genuine Pingat Jasa Malaysia medal along with a Veterans Badge so that I could show you the difference...but not a sign of you. Not a bairn kissed nor an auld wifey helped across the road so I can only say, "shame on you." You certainly came but you did not see and you certainly did not conquer.
Failing the acid test of getting you to spot the difference between an honourably earned medal and a lapel badge I can now at least ask you to answer the question that was in my head.....So, hand on heart, as a son of the Manse did you ever really look into the matter of the Pingat Jasa Malaysia? By 'look into' I do not mean an exchange of emails with the Honours and Decorations Committee, who would have given you the same stock answer we veterans have been fobbed off with for over two years, I mean did you go into the matter in depth? Did you investigate the easily accessible information to be found on the Fight4thePJM website? Did you consider the weight of support by the Honourable members of Parliament for our cause in the form of EDMs? Do you know anything about a London Gazette inclusion of 1968 from our Queen which I believe has been..."tampered with?"
Better men, and more informed than I would be only too willing to help you, Mr Brown, to see the full picture you need to examine to honestly say that you have truly "looked into" the Pingat Jasa Medal fiasco.

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