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Michael Barton
Posted on 1 Apr 2008 9:00 pm

Nobody on princes Street in Edinburgh on 27th August last year when Malaya veterans were invited to the Malaysia In Edinburgh Pavilion to be thanked for doing their all 50 years previously had any problems with the fact that we veterans wore our PJM medals. Those of the public who crowded into the pavilion to hear what was said by a Malaysian Government minister were disgusted to hear that we were in fact breaking rules in order NOT to insult our hosts, regardless of protocol. I and many other such veterans spoke to people from many nations over a period of several hours and the general consensus was that our government was in the wrong...totally and utterly. As old soldiers we veterans had made a decision we all felt would not upset our Queen, the lady we all fought for, and who I am sure would never have forgiven us for being disrespectful, not in her name, but through the stupidity of those who think they know better than our Monarch.

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