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John Rushton
Posted on 1 Apr 2008 6:59 pm

David Dilley hits the nail on the head. It was to avoid embarrassment for the government. Nothing more, nothing less.

Ms Munn mentions "because of the significance of the anniversary".

Does she really believe that the fact that Malaysia awarded this honour to thousands of Veterans who had served their country well many years ago, was not of significance to the anniversary too and that to refuse permission for Veterans to wear it was an insult to a friendly nation? Remembering of course that Veterans originally were even refused permission to accept it!!!

In my small way, being a Veteran of the Malaysian Campaign, I sent my personal greetings on that occassion and was soon in possession of a very pleasant reply from a senior diplomat.

Sadly our Civil Servants, and some Senior Polititions are above such niceties such as responding to my non offensive communications. My only offence seems to be to ask for answers they do not want to give.

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