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David Dilley
Posted on 1 Apr 2008 5:55 pm

Meg Munn has again been advised by those in the FCO, Cabinet Office and MoD who are also members of the HD Cttee. The truth please; was it the actual Ministers of these Departments, or as I believe, the Senior Servant Ceremonial Officers of these departments who made the decision, the same who constitute the HD committee? In a speech, Meg Munn emphasised the closeness of our relations with Malaysia and our we are working together, etc, etc and how nice it was that our forces had received the PJM but not admitting that we were not allowed to wear it. So, was it just because of the significance of the anniversary (which I believe, as I said elsewhere was designed to avoid political embarrassment)and if not why does she not support our view regarding the wearing of the pJM which would further our close ties with the Malaysians.

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