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David Wright
Posted on 4 Mar 2008 1:16 pm

It strikes me as absurd for the government to disavow responsibility for criminal prosecutions and to hide behind the skirts of the DPP. It is the government which set up and sets the terms of reference for the DPP and theirs is the responsibility for the upholding of the law of the land. If the DPP is manifestly failing in its duty, the government has an overriding duty to put the DPP's house in order, or, if necessary, disband it and return to the former commonsense system whereby the police prosecute all offenders without fear or favour. If the police and courts lack the resources, it is the government's duty to supply that lack. It is the duty of the gevernment above all else to protect the citizen and the state from harm and, if it attended to that rather than to micromanaging matters which should be none of its concern, it would be better for all concerned.

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