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William Heath
Posted on 28 Feb 2008 2:28 pm

This is just waffle, hoping the question will go away. But it wont, because the alternatives to centralised NHS records are getting better so fast.

Wibbi the Minister had said something like "We quite appreciate, in the light of our recent data cock-ups, that many people will have reservations about signing up to national centralised health records run by the government. That's fine; they're entitled to their views. We shall simply make sure that the centralised NHS service we deliver is so safe, so worthwhile and so eminently worthy of trust that in due course they decide they want to sign up.

"In the meantime we'll respect their wishes and continue to offer them the best service we can. Oh, and if they choose to sign up with a personal health information provider (such as Google or Microsoft) we'll make sure our interfaces can interoperate with these systems as standards emerge. After all, by looking after their own records, they're saving us money and ffort, aren't they, and getting exactly what they want. In fact, it's really quite a good idea."

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