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David Cropper
Posted on 12 Jan 2008 11:44 pm

The Government have made several mistakes re this issue
1) They have broken a longstanding arrangement on the annual increases to be paid to the Police ie: the Tribunals' recommendation that should be honoured, and on time. 2)the true rate of inflation affecting household outgoings is the Retail Price Index (RPI) which is currently around 4% (and this does not include Council Tax hikes?) and not the Consummer Price Index (CPI) currently at approx 2% which Gordon Brown keeps quoting in all arguments. Did you see and hear G Brown's monologue on the Andrew Marr show last Sunday? I lost count of the number of times the Prime Minister told us viewers that 'they' had got inflation down to 2% while the USA was at 4%. I wish Andrew Marr had had the balls to pick him up on this point - but he is employed by the BBC! 3) See today's Daily Mail re the amount of overtime paid last year to the police - much more than the £30m 'saved' by not backdating this years pay increase. The Goverment should tackle this first, the police force are either understaffed or deliberately 'fiddling' the overtime!

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