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Caroline Taylor
Posted on 23 Nov 2007 9:30 am

Unfortunately, in the eyes of the Government the families of the armed forces are also severely overlooked and services and conditions provided for them dealing with tremendous pressures when their husbands and wives have to spend a considerable time away from home falls very short. Being brought up within the service community and now married into it, i've seen enormous changes to the overall service community and not for the best. The service community spirit and sticking together has gone and it's every man for themselves. Surely with us all in the same boat we should be sticking together and supporting each other. But the Army in particular does very little to support or accept responsibilities towards service families and it's a disgrace that they continually ignore pleas for change. In many cases if it wasn't for the support of families, many service personnel would not be able to cope with things on their return from duty. The government insists that moral is very high on the ground but this is not a fair reflection and moral is not high at all. I am very proud of my husband and all the armed forces but I can't say that about the current government!

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