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Aidan Boustred
Posted on 17 Jun 2005 5:31 pm

I thought that protocol required that when an MP inadvertently misleads the house, they should correct this at the earliest possible opportunity. Rather than writing a private letter, he should have made a public statement. His failure to do so is surely a matter for resignation.

He could shelter behind semantics, by claiming that he was only reporting what the US said, but there is a clear implication in his initial statement that Mk77s had actually not been used, not merely that he was reporting the US line which might or might not be true. In any case he was asked 'whether firebombs had been used', not 'whether the US publically admits that firebombs had been used'.

Given the widespread reports of the use of Mk77s including statements from US troops on the ground, it seems strange that Ingram did not do a little more digging to check whether the US assurances were correct, particularly when he was repeatedly asked similar questions. To fail to do so seems negligent.

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