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stinky will
Posted on 15 May 2007 6:13 pm

Do me a favour please, that Mr blair is what us mere mortals call [CAUGHT BANG TO RIGHTS]OR [ITS A FAIR COP GUV] etc etc etc, If the case were that you really didnt have anything to hide you would be more than happy to answer what was really a simple quite legitimate question,by adopting the attitude that all information is in the public domain therefore justifying what really is a refusal to answer a question,how can that be acceptable to any member of the public who may not have access to all the information in the alledged domain or doesnt know how to access it all/some/any of it.Even though it is obvious that you dont see yourself as accountable to anybody or anything, you are accountable to the citizens of this country from when you clock on untill you clock off at least thats what you led us to foolishly beleive, well never ever will I get fooled by a smiling soulless man such as yourself again.

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