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Richard Nettleingham
Posted on 12 May 2007 6:28 pm

Why has my public response to Baroness Ashton of Uphollands letter been removed from this website display for all members of the public to see.

I'm not satisfied with the DCA's response that the failure to reply to Mr John Baron within the required time period was because the DCA had "lost the file".

This type of answer from the DCA would not normally prevent the DCA contacting the MP to inform him of that fact well before 3 months elapsed. Instead he had to write 3 letters until, what may or may not be the truth has been divulged.

Why would the DCA allow more than 3months to pass without notifying the MP or the constituent that they had 'lost a public file' containing very serious public interest whistleblows exposing unlawful coercion and linked acts that pervert the course of justice?

Given the severe content and public safety interest in the content of that particular file , it appears only to be to the advantage of a DCA Civil Service and the Multinational concerned, that this file has strangely disappeared?

The evidence still shows that levels of impropriety in this area of the South East appear to be linked to the discovery of a continuing culture of 'local and unlawful' cover-up.

When will transparency, integrity and exposure for the protection of the public interest prevail?

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