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Richard Johnson
Posted on 11 Jun 2005 8:58 pm

For the uninitiated, Puffin crossings are supposed to detect whether there are pedestrians waiting or not before changing colour. They also respond more quickly to a button press. They thus avoid the problem of pressing the button and waiting for ages before the lights change. And avoid the lights changing when no pedestrians are waiting, so cars don't have to stop before empty crossings.

They are a good idea, despite the technology not being perfect. But I really don't like the way that the "green man" display is on the near side post at about shoulder level - rather than on the opposite side at eye level. I inevitably find that people are standing in the way so that I can't see the display. Very annoying. I wonder if the placing of this display compromises their effectiveness in reducing accidents and whether the quoted research is examining this.

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