Lord Wei

Conservative Peer

European Union Integration

There have been votes in Parliament on the degree of the UK's integration with the European Union. Specific matters voted on include the UK's opt out from the European Union Police and Criminal Justice Measures and the establishment of a European Union External Action Service.

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Lord Wei generally voted against more EU integration

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Major votes

  • On 15 Jun 2011: Lord Wei voted against the provisions requiring a referendum prior to transferring further powers from the UK to the EU expiring at the end of each Parliament. Show vote
  • On 13 Jun 2011: Lord Wei voted to require a referendum prior to making the Euro the UK's currency, the UK joining the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, or changes impacting the UK's border controls, or other decisions made within existing existing European Union treaties. Show vote
  • On 13 Jun 2011: Lord Wei voted against requiring a referendum prior to the UK adopting the Euro as its currency. Show vote

Minor votes

  • On 13 Jul 2011: Lord Wei voted against allowing a Minister to decide a decision to increase the powers and competencies of the EU is not of major economic and constitutional significance and so does not warrant a referendum. Show vote
  • On 13 Jul 2011: Lord Wei was absent for a vote on European Union Bill — Suspension of Requirement for Referendum on Certain EU Decisions Show vote
  • On 8 Jun 2011: Lord Wei voted for a referendum following the passing of an Act approving the transfer of powers from the UK to the EU; and against allowing a Parliamentary Committee to deny such a referendum. Show vote

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