Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton

Conservative Peer

@David_Cameron https://facebook.com/DavidCameronOfficial

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Conservative Peer

Entered the House of Lords on 17 November 2023

Previously MP for Witney until 12 September 2016 — Resigned

Entered the House of Commons on 7 June 2001 — General election

Also represented Witney

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Topics of interest

Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton campaigned to remain in the European Union Source: BBC

  • Health
  • Education and Skills
  • Environment Food and Rural Affairs
  • Home Department
  • Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
  • Schools
  • Local Government: Bank Services
  • Advocacy Groups
  • Local Involvement Networks
  • Heroin

Other offices held in the past

  • Foreign Secretary, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (13 Nov 2023 to 5 Jul 2024)
  • The Prime Minister (11 May 2010 to 13 Jul 2016)
  • Leader of HM Official Opposition ( 6 Dec 2005 to 6 May 2010)
  • Leader of the Conservative Party ( 6 Dec 2005 to 11 Jul 2016)
  • Shadow Secretary of State for Education (10 May 2005 to 6 Dec 2005)
  • Shadow Minister (Communities and Local Government) ( 1 Apr 2004 to 1 Oct 2004)
  • Member, Home Affairs Committee (26 Jan 2004 to 11 Oct 2004)
  • Member, Modernisation of the House of Commons Committee ( 8 Sep 2003 to 9 Dec 2003)
  • Deputy Chair, Conservative Party ( 1 Aug 2003 to 31 Jul 2004)
  • Shadow Minister (Privy Council Office) ( 1 Jul 2003 to 1 Nov 2003)
  • Member, Home Affairs Committee ( 7 Jun 2001 to 3 Nov 2003)

Public bill committees (Sittings attended)

Recent appearances

  • Conflict-induced Food Insecurity - Question 21 May 2024

    We use all our levers to address the issue of hunger during conflict. We use our diplomatic efforts, including in countries such as Sudan and in Gaza, where we push for humanitarian access. We use our funding and expertise as a development superpower, with £365 million of bilateral overseas aid spent on food security-related sectors. We also work through multilateral organisations, including...
  • Conflict-induced Food Insecurity - Question 21 May 2024

    The noble Lord is absolutely right that we supported the Article 8 amendment but have not yet put it in place. It is still under discussion, and we want to get it right. That does not prevent us from taking action, including in Sudan, where we are trying to restart the Jeddah process between the combatants and make sure that we get aid in. Those are steps we can take now.
  • Conflict-induced Food Insecurity - Question 21 May 2024

    My noble friend is completely right about that. We can see from the statistics that acute food insecurity is at a five-year high. The Global Report on Food Crises this year indicated that over 281 million people worldwide faced high levels of food insecurity. I agree that climate change has an impact and population can have an impact, but what is driving this insecurity at the moment across...

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