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Non-affiliated Peer

Entered the House of Lords on 14 September 2020

Previously MP for Vauxhall until 6 November 2019 — Dissolved for election

Entered the House of Commons on 15 June 1989 — unknown

Party was Labour until 6 Nov 2019

Also represented Vauxhall

Social Media


Topics of interest

Baroness Hoey campaigned to leave the European Union Source: BBC

  • Culture Media and Sport
  • Home Department
  • Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
  • Health
  • Work and Pensions
  • Zimbabwe
  • European Constitution
  • Departmental Staff
  • Correspondence
  • Playing Fields

Other offices held in the past

  • Member, European Scrutiny Committee (30 Oct 2017 to 6 Nov 2019)
  • Member, Northern Ireland Affairs Committee (11 Sep 2017 to 6 Nov 2019)
  • Member, European Scrutiny Committee (15 Jul 2015 to 3 May 2017)
  • Member, Northern Ireland Affairs Committee ( 6 Jul 2015 to 3 May 2017)
  • Member, Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee ( 6 Jul 2015 to 3 May 2017)
  • Member, Northern Ireland Affairs Committee ( 9 Nov 2007 to 30 Mar 2015)
  • Member, Science, Innovation and Technology Committee ( 1 Mar 2004 to 17 Jul 2005)
  • Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department of National Heritage) (Sport) (29 Jul 1999 to 7 Jun 2001)
  • Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Home Office) (28 Jul 1998 to 29 Jul 1999)
  • Member, Social Security Committee (27 Jun 1994 to 21 Mar 1997)
  • Shadow Spokesperson (Women) ( 1 Jun 1992 to 1 Jun 1993)

Public bill committees (Sittings attended)

Recent appearances

  • Northern Ireland Dentists: Amalgam Fillings - Question 22 Jul 2024

    To ask His Majesty’s Government what plans they have to ensure that dentists in Northern Ireland will still be able to use amalgam fillings when the EU ban their use from January 2025.
  • Northern Ireland Dentists: Amalgam Fillings - Question 22 Jul 2024

    My Lords, I thank the Minister for that Answer, which will be very much welcomed by dentists in Northern Ireland, but does she understand that there is a fundamental issue here? There are many more health and other regulations that will need that kind of begging of the EU to make a difference, because Northern Ireland is still under the Windsor Framework and the protocol. Will she commit to...

More of Baroness Hoey’s recent appearances

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