Written evidence reported to the House

Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill – in a Public Bill Committee at 4:29 pm on 14th November 2017.

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AEVB 11 Addison Lee

AEVB 12 Vivergo Fuels


AEVB 14 Daniel Scharf

AEVB 15 Matthew Roberts

AEVB 16 Tom Vanstone

AEVB 17 David G. Edwards

AVEB 18 H S Marks

AEVB 19 Andrew Fischer

AEVB 20 Cycling UK

AEVB 21 Simon Hilton

AEVB 22 Mayor of London and Transport for London

AEVB 23 Stephen Mason

AEVB 24 UK Power Networks (supplementary)

AEVB 25 Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

AEVB 26 UK Petroleum Industry Association (UKPIA)

AEVB 27 Letter from the Minister on levels of automation

AEVB 28 Letter from the Minister on Handover period and contributory negligence

AEVB 29 Hubject GmbH, supported by EV Driver Ltd, PlugSurfing GmbH and The New Motion BV