Terrorist Asset-Freezing Etc. Bill [Lords]

– in a Public Bill Committee at on 23 November 2010.

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[Mr Roger Gale in the Chair]

Photo of Roger Gale Roger Gale Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (Substitute Member) 10:30, 23 November 2010

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Before we begin, I have a few preliminary announcements.

Members of the Committee may remove their jackets if they wish to do so. Please ensure that mobile phones and other electronic devices are turned off. Chairmen tend not to take a kind view of phones ringing during proceedings.

There is a money resolution in connection with the Bill, of which copies are available in the room. As a general rule, I and my fellow Chairman will not call starred amendments that have not been tabled with adequate notice. The required notice period in Public Bill Committees is now three working days; therefore, only those amendments tabled by the rise of the House last night will be selectable for debate on Thursday. The Committee will be asked in a moment to consider the programme motion on the amendment paper, on which debate is limited to half an hour.

As I look around, I suspect that there may be hon. Members on both sides—certainly on one side—who have not served on a Bill Committee before. It is an arcane process. If you study the papers carefully, you will discover that the amendments are grouped. Only the first amendment will be moved by the person putting forward the amendment; all the others remain unmoved until we reach where they appear in the Bill, because amendments are grouped by subject and legal merit, not in sequence. That includes Government amendments, which may be debated. All the amendments are debated as a group, but they may or may not thereafter be moved at all. If they are moved, having been debated, they will be moved formally. I hope that is clear.

If any hon. Members have any queries or do not understand the procedure, do not be frightened. I have been known to bite people’s heads off, but not for this purpose. Please rise on a point of order and straightforwardly ask the question. If you do not understand what is going on, I or, failing my knowledge, the Clerk will endeavour to explain it to you.

We now proceed to the programme motion, after which we will take the reporting of written evidence motion.




the Committee shall (in addition to its first meeting at 10.30 am on Tuesday 23 November) meet—


at 4.00 pm on Tuesday 23 November;


at 9.00 am and 1.00 pm on Thursday 25 November;


the proceedings shall (so far as not previously concluded) be brought to a conclusion at 4.00 pm on Thursday 25 November.—(Mr Hoban.)


That, subject to the discretion of the Chairman, any written evidence received by the Committee shall be reported to the House for publication.—(Mr Hoban.)

Written evidence to be reported to the House

TA 01 Liberty and Justice

TA 02 Equality and Human Rights Commission

Clause 1 ordered to stand part of the Bill.