Superannuation bill

– in a Public Bill Committee at on 16 September 2010.

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[Mr Roger Gale in the Chair]

Written evidence to be reported to the House

SU 35 Mike Wicksteed

SU 36 Ann Marshall

SU 37 Sharon Maral

SU 38 Alan McBride

SU 39 Suzanne Martin

SU 40 Karen Randall

SU 41 Tony Molloy

SU 42 Barry Errington

SU 43 Ann-Marie Miller

SU 44 Carol Ashworth

SU 45 Kenneth Macfadyen

SU 46 Barry McCann

SU 47 Chris Kolek

SU 48 Julie Hume

SU 49 Mike Weston

SU 50 Andrew Youl

SU 51 Andrew Cartwright

SU 52 Jonathan Douglas

SU 53 Linda Smart

SU 54 Sue Houston

SU 55 James Glover

SU 56 Jim Anderson

SU 57 Peter Shields

SU 58 Wendy Roddam

SU 59 Steve Thomas

SU 60 Joan Laws

SU 61 John King

SU 62 Simon Dove

SU 63 Wendy Wills

Photo of Roger Gale Roger Gale Conservative, North Thanet 9:00, 16 September 2010

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I know that you had Mr Benton’s company for earlier Committee proceedings. You have mine for the rest of the duration of the Committee stage. Housekeeping arrangements—hon. Members may remove their jackets if they wish to do so. If you wish to catch my eye, it is a good idea to call me either Mr Gale or Chairman. I do not mind which. I go curiously deaf when people call me Chair.

I have spoken to both Front-Bench speakers, and I take a relaxed view of clause stand part debates. For those who have not served on a Committee before, at the end of debate on amendments, the question is put,  That the clause do stand part of the Bill, as amended or not. You then have an opportunity to have a tiny wrap-up debate. However, in a Bill such as this, which is quite complex, it is often helpful to have a broader debate at the start, on the first group of amendments. If the right hon. Member for Dulwich and West Norwood wishes to do that in this case, with the agreement of the Minister, I am more than happy for that to happen, on the clear understanding that there will not then be a clause stand part debate.

There are colleagues on both sides of the House who have not sat on a Committee such as this before. If you have any problems or queries, or if there is anything that you do not understand, please do not hesitate to ask. Do not sit in gloom and darkness all morning wondering what is going on. The amendments are grouped in accordance with their legal and position of influence in the Bill, so you might find amendments to clause 2 that are in fact debated with clause 1, because they are relevant to the same subject. Those will then be put to a vote—if there is a vote—later. As I said, it is an arcane process. It takes time to understand, so if anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.