Membership of Statutory Committees

Assembly Business – in the Northern Ireland Assembly at 1:00 pm on 23rd May 2011.

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Resolved (with cross-community support):

That, in accordance with Standing Order 49(3), the membership of the Statutory Committees as detailed in NIA 1/11-15R be approved.

The Membership of the Statutory Committees as detailed in NIA 1/11-15R is as follows:

Committee for Agriculture and Rural Development: Mr Paul Frew (Chairperson); Mrs Dolores Kelly (Deputy Chairperson); Mr Thomas Buchanan; Mr Trevor Clarke; Mr Willie Clarke; Mrs Jo-Anne Dobson; Mr William Irwin; Mr Kieran McCarthy; Mr Conor Murphy; Mr Oliver McMullan; Mr Robin Swann.

Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure: Miss Michelle McIlveen (Chairperson); Mr William Irwin (Deputy Chairperson); Mr Dominic Bradley; Mrs Brenda Hale; Mr David Hilditch; Mr Gerry Kelly; Mr Michael McGimpsey; Mrs Karen McKevitt; Mr Cathal Ó hÓisín; Mr Pat Sheehan; Mr Robin Swann.

Committee for Education: Mr Mervyn Storey (Chairperson); Mr David McNarry (Deputy Chairperson); Ms Michaela Boyle; Mr Jonathan Craig; Mrs Jo-Anne Dobson; Mr Phil Flanagan; Mrs Brenda Hale; Mr Trevor Lunn; Mr Conall McDevitt; Miss Michelle McIlveen; Mr Daithí McKay.

Committee for Employment and Learning: Mr Basil McCrea (Chairperson); Mr Thomas Buchanan (Deputy Chairperson); Mr Jim Allister; Mr Sammy Douglas; Ms Michelle Gildernew; Mr Chris Lyttle; Mr Barry McElduff; Mr David McIlveen; Mrs Sandra Overend; Mr Pat Ramsey; Mr Alastair Ross.

Committee for Enterprise, Trade and Investment: Mr Alban Maginness (Chairperson); Mr Daithí McKay (Deputy Chairperson); Mr Steven Agnew; Mr Gordon Dunne; Mr Phil Flanagan; Mr David McIlveen; Dr Alasdair McDonnell; Mr Stephen Moutray; Mr Mike Nesbitt; Mr Robin Newton; Ms Sue Ramsey.

Committee for the Environment: Ms Anna Lo (Chairperson); Mr Simon Hamilton (Deputy Chairperson); Mr Cathal Boylan; Ms Paula Bradley; Mr Willie Clarke; Mr John Dallat; Mr Danny Kinahan; Mr Patsy McGlone; Mr Francie Molloy; Lord Morrow; Mr Peter Weir.

Committee for Finance and Personnel: Mr Conor Murphy (Chairperson); Mr Dominic Bradley (Deputy Chairperson); Mrs Judith Cochrane; Mr Leslie Cree; Mr Paul Girvan; Mr David Hilditch; Mr William Humphrey; Mr Ross Hussey; Mr Mitchel McLaughlin; Mr Adrian McQuillan; Ms Caitríona Ruane.

Committee for Health, Social Services and Public Safety: Ms Michelle Gildernew (Chairperson); Mr Jim Wells (Deputy Chairperson); Ms Michaela Boyle; Ms Paula Bradley; Mr Mickey Brady; Mr Gordon Dunne; Mr Mark H Durkan; Mr Sam Gardiner; Mrs Pam Lewis; Mr John McCallister; Mr Kieran McCarthy.

Committee for Justice: Mr Paul Givan (Chairperson); Mr Raymond McCartney (Deputy Chairperson); Mr Sydney Anderson; Mr Stewart Dickson; Mr Colum Eastwood; Mr Seán Lynch; Ms Jennifer McCann; Mr Basil McCrea; Mr Alban Maginness; Mr Peter Weir; Mr Jim Wells.

Committee for the Office of the First and deputy First Minister: Mr Tom Elliott (Chairperson); Mr Chris Lyttle (Deputy Chairperson); Mr Trevor Clarke; Mr Colum Eastwood; Mr William Humphrey; Mr Alex Maskey; Mr Francie Molloy; Mrs Sandra Overend; Mr George Robinson; Ms Caitríona Ruane; Mr Jimmy Spratt.

Committee for Regional Development: Mr Jimmy Spratt (Chairperson); Mr Pat Doherty (Deputy Chairperson); Mr Roy Beggs; Mr Joe Byrne; Mrs Dolores Kelly; Mr Trevor Lunn; Mr Seán Lynch; Mr Ian McCrea; Mr Stephen Moutray; Mr Mike Nesbitt; Mr Cathal Ó hOisín.

Committee for Social Development: Mr Alex Maskey (Chairperson); Mr Mickey Brady (Deputy Chairperson); Mr Gregory Campbell; Mrs Judith Cochrane; Mr Michael Copeland; Mr Sammy Douglas; Mr Mark H Durkan; Mr Alex Easton; Mrs Pam Lewis; Mr Fra McCann; Mr David McClarty.