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The Scottish Parliament

Thanks mainly to our Edinburgh-based volunteer Mark Longair, TheyWorkForYou now covers Scottish Parliament debates and written answers, right back to the start of this Parliament in 1999. That means that each MSP, just like MPs, Lords, and MLAs, now has their own page, linking to speeches and questions they have made. For example, here are the current party leaders: Alex Salmond, Wendy Alexander, Annabel Goldie, Nicol Stephen, and Robin Harper.

As with other types of representative, you can subscribe to email alerts or an RSS feeds for their latest appearances; or subscribe to an email alert when a particular word or phrase is mentioned, either anywhere or just in the Scottish Parliament.

To go with this launch of a large amount of new data, we've rejigged the site navigation slightly to make it a bit easier to follow. Each body now has its own main tab, with links to the sections and representatives under each one (so lists of MPs and Lords are now under “UK”).

Along with improvements to our search engine, including date range search, spelling correction, departmental search, and more, we're launching this now to mark the success in getting endorsements for our Free Our Bills campaign, and we'll be rolling out more goodies as the campaign goes along.

Posted on 6 May 2008 at 13:35:28 by Matthew | Link to this