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August 2006

18 August 2006

New features over the last couple of months

Just a brief round-up of what we've added since our last piece of news.

We've added MPs' membership of select committees, taken from this official list, including membership history where we can work it out.

Our rankings for various numbers have been removed, to be replaced by woolly text – we have more information on this. To make up for it, we've done a bit more text analysis, and added which departments and subjects an MP asks most written questions about, so you can see that Alan Williams has asked more questions about Royal Residences than anything else, or that Anne Main has asked more questions on Flag Flying.

Firefox users can download a search plugin, to enable easy searching of the site from Firefox's search bar.

And a few bugfixes - our handling of when Oral Answers finish should be a bit better than previously, and when searching a particular person's speeches, we no longer group the results by debate, which was confusing, as you obviously expected to see all the speeches for that person that matched your search terms.

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