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April 2005

5 April 2005

Channel 4 linking to

We're happy to announce that the Channel 4 website is directing people to's MP pages via a postcode box on their Election 2005 website.

We've done a special paint job for users coming from the Channel 4 site, just to make them feel welcome. You can see an example here.

We'd love to know what you think of this paint job, as we're planning a redesign. As ever, get in touch.

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5 April 2005

NEW! How MPs voted on Key Issues

We've added a smashing new feature to all our MP pages, courtesy of Francis at PublicWhip

You can now check out which way MPs tended vote on half a dozen key issues from the last Parliament (Iraq, Fox Hunting, ID cards. Top Up Fees etc) via a nice, easy to understand panel.

For example, mining the voting record of Graham Allen, Labour MP for Nottingham North, shows that he was pretty dubious about the Iraq war, but very strongly in favour of a ban on fox hunting.

This information is the result sophisticated mining of PublicWhip's detailed vote data covering hundreds of Parliamentary divisions.

We hope it'll make it easier for you to keep track of where your MP really stands on key issues - after all, They Work For You.

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13 April 2005

Play with Pledgebank, Pound the Streets

Our good friends over at are close to launching Pledgebank, a new web and sms service which does what it says on the url.

To help test the concept, they've set up a special pledge which reads:

"I will deliver a printed copy of my local MP's page on to every house in my street but only if 100 other fans of will too."

If you're up for it, why not sign up now?

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14 April 2005

NEW! Email this page to a friend

At the top right hand side of every (ex)MP's page, we've added a simple new feature: email the page to a friend.

Have a go, and let all your friends know how easy it is to keep tabs on what your former MP did and said in your name during the last Parliament.

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