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February 2005

24 February 2005

NEW! Email Alerts & Other Features

Since launching in June, we've made hundreds of small improvements to the site. However, the cold winter nights have sparked an explosion of activity, and we've launched a slew of new features in response to requests such as:

"Can you Email me when my MP next speaks, or when an issue I care about is raised?"

You all *so* wanted this. Near the top of every MP's page, and on every search results page, you'll see a link starting with 'Email me when...' Just click and go, or sign up by hand using

"Can I see when an issue was last raised in Parliament?"

Yes. At the top of every search results page you'll see a link that sorts the most recent result at the top. Ideal for keeping tabs on topical concerns such as

"Can I just search the stuff my MP has said?"

Yup. Go to an MP's page. See the red search box to the right of your MP's delicious photo? That's your baby. It'll search just that MP's contributions.

"What about Westminster Hall, Written Ministerial Statements & House of Commons' Committees?"

We're two-thirds done. See and We're busy tacking Committee proceedings, but these be hard.

"Is what you're doing legal?"

Yes. We are legit. Indeed, within a couple of months of launch we had Parliament's blessing, plenty of enthusiasm and a nice shiny licence to re-use Hansard. Given Parliament's history & traditions, such a swift & positive reaction is most admirable.

FINALLY, TELL YOUR FRIENDS is the best place to get the unadulterated lowdown on what your MP has said and done in your name.

As the election approaches, we think the site could make a real difference to democratic transparency and engagement.

If you agree, please tell your friends. Blog about us. Write about us. Link to us. Use our RSS feeds in your sites. Tell your enemies. Hell, even tell your parents. You're the only marketing we can afford!

Best wishes,

- Tom, on behalf of the volunteers - New volunteers welcome!

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