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October 2004

1 October 2004 Development Wiki now public

Shortly after we launched our beta test in June we decided we should also open up access to the wiki we use to help develop so that anyone can also have a go, muck in, or just laugh at us.

Of course, that took far longer than we planned, but having published the source code, we should open up the wiki too.

We don't like wiki spam, so it will remain passworded, but anyone who wants a browse can tuck in at the wiki

username: theyworkforyou password: n0vemb3r (n-zero-vemb-three-r)

(dissemination is fine, but please don't post the link with the login details embedded in the url)

In case you're wondering what we're up to, well, we're just rousing ourselves for another tilt at completing our vision before the next election is called, so if anyone python or php skills and fancies lending a hand, do contact us.

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