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Welcome to our private beta test

Hello all, and thank you for helping to road test TheyWorkForYou.com. We hope you enjoy our new baby; we're proud of her, even though she's still somewhat rough around the edges.

We've just entered our 'closed beta' phase - you'll need a password to access the site until we move into our open beta phase sometime in June.

Please contact us with your feedback, or you can just add your comments to this blog.

We want to know everything: what you like, what you hate, what works, what's broken, what could we do better. The lot. Don't hold back.

The search engine is our main area of immediate focus - we know we've got months of tuning and tweaking of search results to come. We know enough to know that great search is hard, and that your feedback is crucial.

In the meantime, please enjoy being the first people to scribble in the margins of Hansard. May you be first of many.

- The TheyWorkForYou.com volunteers

Posted on 21 May 2004 at 22:55:24 | Link to this