Natasha Asghar

Conservative MS for South Wales East

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Conservative MS for South Wales East

Entered the Senedd on 6 May 2021

Recent appearances

  • 2. Questions to the Cabinet Secretary for Climate Change and Rural Affairs: River Water Quality 17 Jul 2024

    Cabinet Secretary, we all know very well that river pollution is a highly debated topic and the issue that we really do need to get bottom of. The River Wye in my region of South Wales East, as well as Rhymney, in both Hefin David’s constituency and my region, saw multiple raw sewage dumps by Welsh Water in 2023 alone, and whilst Hefin David has sought to draw attention to the UK Government...
  • 1. Questions to the Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Constitution and Cabinet Office: Fair Funding for Wales 17 Jul 2024

    Cabinet Secretary, all parties in the Welsh Parliament clearly agree that Wales should receive its fair share of HS2 consequentials. It's a matter I raised directly with the previous Westminster Government, and I know some of my colleagues have as well. However, since taking office within the last few weeks, the Labour Secretary of State for Wales, Jo Stevens, has refused to provide and give...
  • 4. Statement by the Cabinet Secretary for North Wales and Transport: Transport update 16 Jul 2024

    Thank you so much for this afternoon's statement, Cabinet Secretary, and I congratulate you and your party on your success in the elections. Now, no matter how much time passes, a level of frustration and anger from the public towards this 20 mph policy doesn't seem to be changing. It's far too drastic, as many say, and continues to hamper people's day-to-day lives, and, unfortunately, is...

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