Jane Hutt

Labour MS for Vale of Glamorgan

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Labour MS for Vale of Glamorgan

Entered the Senedd on 6 May 1999

Recent appearances

  • 2. Business Statement and Announcement 9 Jul 2024

    Thank you for that question, Natasha Asghar. This is for the Aneurin Bevan health board to address. We have heard from you this afternoon about the circumstances of huge pressure, and, as I said earlier on in relation to an earlier question, demand in the NHS has increased so much in recent years, and our, again, heroic NHS staff are dealing with 2 million contacts every month—that...
  • 2. Business Statement and Announcement 9 Jul 2024

    Diolch yn fawr, Rhys ab Owen. Well, the Maindy Centre is a matter for Cardiff Council, and I'm very aware, as we all are, of its history and its place, and I won't comment on it any further, because I'm sure you will be raising it as a regional Member in terms of the prospects and the alternatives that are being discussed for that provision. And again, as to the importance of the Royal Welsh...
  • 2. Business Statement and Announcement 9 Jul 2024

    Thank you very much, Llyr Gruffydd. It's a very important question.

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